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Celebrate the Solar Eclipse With Twilight Rates All Day August 21, 2017!

Golf with us tomorrow for just a $20 18 hole rate all day long. Replay rates only $10. Enjoy twilight rates and experience the solar eclipse, the first total solar eclipse in the USA in 99 years!

*Keep your eye on the golf ball!! Not the big ball in the sky!

Watch Live stream here!

Heading to the Masters? 10 ways to be a proper patron.

If you’re lucky enough to go to the Masters, you’re lucky enough!  If not, like me, you’ll be sitting in the comfort of your living room or hanging out at your local Golf Course Pub watching the Festivities and the many great shots we’ve come to expect at the Masters.  Here’s to an exciting and possible “nail biting” tournament.  If you ARE going, be sure to implement most, if not ALL of these guidelines.  As Jim Nantz would say,  “Here’s to a Win for the Ages”!

It’s obvious when you first step foot on the grounds of Augusta National for the Masters tournament that a certain kind of behavior is expected out of the patrons. It’s quieter, except for those birds chirping, and the patrons seem to have a reverent attitude. I mean, this is like going to the Holy Church of Golf. All the caddies are wearing white, many of the women are in their Sunday best, and yes, the golfers do plenty of praying, especially on Sunday.
But if you’ve never been before, how do you know how you’re supposed to conduct yourself as a patron? It’s not like we’re born with this ability; it’s learned. Admittedly, the list below seems to be more about don’ts than do’s, but it’s really not that hard. If you’re fortunate enough to have credentials (i.e. tickets), just follow these guidelines, and you’ll be fine.
1. Down in front

Okay, there’s an order to things here at Augusta National. Areas for patrons with chairs are even roped off, and patrons get there mighty early in the morning to claim their spot. If you’re wandering the course, trying to follow a particular group, you’ll need to be tall or find a nice hill or bleachers to watch the action. A great viewing area, by the way, is the bleachers behind the 12th tee, where you can see the 11th green, the par-3 12th and much of the par-5 13th, better known as Amen Corner.

Also, it’s a big no-no for patrons to run while on the grounds, whether it’s to get a front row spot to spy Jordan Spieth going for 13 in two or to get in line for a pimento cheese sandwich. You may be lucky to get away with a warning.
2. Leave your cell phones in the car

Or in the hotel room. I mean, they’re adamant about this. Forget the fact that almost all PGA Tour events allow cell phones on the course, even encouraging you to download the tournament app so you can follow the leaderboard, this is a tradition like no other, which means those mechanical scoreboards have done the job in the past and are doing the job today. And if you were planning to use your camera as a phone, fuhgeddaboutit. Even during practice rounds, when you can take your camera, you can’t bring those fancy Androids or iPhones that take better pictures than most $500 cameras.
3. Don’t wear a green blazer

If you’re going to be a good patron, you’ve got leave that green jacket in the car or at home or in the hotel room. Those are reserved for members and past champions. You don’t want to cause any confusion out there, impersonating Doug Ford or Condoleezza Rice. If you must wear a blazer, pick a plaid one from the tournament that follows the Masters.
Be sure to leave the denim at home and, while we’re at it, consider saving the Loudmouth Pants for another week.
4. Smoke the fattest cigar you can find

I don’t know if there’s a better place to smoke cigars than where most of the old legends used to smoke Lucky Strikes and Camels. (There’s a great Frank Christian picture of Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer waiting on the tee puffing away, during the 1966 Masters.) But please make sure it’s a good one, like a Cohiba, since everyone around you will be smoking it, too.
5. Shop, but not ’til you drop

Okay, if you’re going to the Masters, you have to bring back lots of souvenirs for everyone, but not too many. After all, if you’re one of the those patrons who comes out of the massive Masters merchandise building with $50,000 worth of memorabilia, it’s pretty obvious you’re hitting the secondary market for your own gain, and that ain’t cool.
Just buy your closest friends a gift. They love those $16 coffee mugs. Every golfer who has received one of those from me drinks out of it every day.
6. Save room for Masters Mini Moonpies

I mean, other than the Masters, when do you get to eat these things? I don’t even know where to find regular moon pies in the grocery stores anymore. They’ve had them at Augusta National forever. I think there’s marshmallow in them and there’s chocolate on the outside, a winning combo. It gives you energy to climb all those hills, which look way bigger in person than on TV. So don’t fill up on $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches or Masters potato chips or Masters trail mix or Masters peanuts; save room for those sweet little saucers.
7. Arrive early and stay at Augusta late

What else are you going to do while in Augusta? Sleep in at your $300-a-night Super 8 crash pad? Breakfast at the Waffle House and dinner at Hooters (two of many blue collar staples on Washington Rd.)? Instead, take it all in. Get there at the crack of dawn and stay until the last putt is holed. And why not? Food is affordable at the Masters.
8. No ‘Mashed potatoes!’ please

No, “You da mans,” “Get in the hole” or any other lame comments. This is the Masters, man. A polite golf clap will do nicely and when they do something really spectacular — like when Tiger Woods holed out that pitch shot from behind the 16th green — you can let loose like any other golf tournament.
9. Adults: Lay off the autographs

If you’re over say, 25, no autographs. Leave that for the kids. We know what those 50-year-olds are likely doing with those autographed flags they’re supposedly bringing back for family and friends: cashing in with the collectible guys.
10. No scalping tickets outside the grounds

Okay, so you’ve got tickets for the whole week and you want to take a day off to play golf at the nearby River Club in North Augusta or Aiken (S.C.) Golf Club just 20 minutes away. Don’t even think about scalping those tickets near the grounds to pay for the green fees. This is punishable by jail, fine or even worse, permanent expulsion from Magnolia Lane.
SOURCE: Mike Bailey, Golf Advisor

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Facebook Live at 2:30 Inside our Full Swing Golf Simulator

Josh will give you a private tour of the Full Swing Golf indoor simulator here at our very own golf course.  He will also discuss some tips to help you with your routine and lining yourself up correctly to build consistency. Click here to watch live.

We debut Super Thursday next week.  Golf all day until 2:00 just $39 with a cart.  Book Tee Time



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Watch Josh McCumber Today at 2:00 On Facebook Live

Josh McCumber will be heading out to the Honda Classic today.  Tune in to hear his observations as he watches the best player in the world tee it up at a great course.

Click here to watch live

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Facebook Live with Josh McCumber Tomorrow 2-10-17

Join Josh McCumber for his 2nd Facebook Live event. Click here at 2:00 to watch live.  He is going to talk about one of the best chipping drills that will completely change the way you think about chipping.  So many people want to use their hands to help the ball.  Josh will talk about putting with loft a term he heard from the great Raymond Floyd and weave in a drill he saw from Lee Trevino.  You surely don’t want to miss it.

As always, if you can’t make the live event, we will post the taped episode here!

See you on Facebook tomorrow at 2:00!

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Improve Your Putting Today!

Watch Josh McCumber from Hollywood Beach Golf Resort Facebook Live debut at 2:00, Friday February 3rd. Tune in next Friday for his next golf tip. Please fill in the contact form below to submit your questions or tip you would like him to discuss.

In yesterdays segment, learn how to better read greens and aim your putts so you can take advantage of better green reading. We look forward to making this a regular event at 2:00 on Fridays. If you can’t catch them live we will post a link to videos here on our website later that day and will have a dedicated page on our website for our Facebook Live videos.

See you on the links! Book Tee Time – Carpe Diem is back! $5 off between 7:30 – 8:00, 12:00 – 12:30 and 1:30 – 2:00. Just mention Carpe Diem at check-in!

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Ahhhhh…..the Holidays …….. a GREAT time to relax, spend time with family……and get a quick 18 in!!! No snow here to worry about. Our Fairways are green & lush and the sun is shining every day! Come out and play Hollywood Beach Golf Course and work off some of that good grub you’ve been enjoying! Try out those NEW clubs you got for Christmas…… and check out our AWESOME deals on merchandise and apparel here at our course!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our families to yours!  Enjoy this little Christmas Poem, sure to please the “Hopeful” golfer in each of us!

Back in October a Christmas wish I made.A brand new set of golf clubs before next year I played.
Then on Christmas morn, with my eyes I spied

An oblong box under the tree, with ribbon wrapped and tied.
I looked out the window and saw the ice and snow.

But in my heart I knew, a golfing I would go.

Now I’d need some special gear to play in these conditions.

So I loaded up my golf bag to start a new tradition.
A broom to sweep the greens and a hammer for the tees

And different colored balls for white I wouldn’t see.

Arriving at the course, the ground was glistening white.

I wouldn’t have to wait, a tee time was no plight.
I swept away a pile of snow and pounded in a tee.

Placed a colored ball atop it and swung away with glee.

My ball went soaring down the fairway and landed with a flop

Into a two foot snow drift (unplayable), take a drop.
My next shot went into the sand, a shot to truly dread.

Then all at once I spotted him, a man all dressed in red.

As I’m lining up my shot, it’s Santa Claus I think,

When my ball flew in the hole, He looked at me and winked.
I knew these clubs were going to work, I’d just made a par.

Let’s play one hole together before heading for your car.

To believe in Santa at sixteen, you might think it queer,

But it isn’t very often you get to see reindeer.
A long par par three lay next, as we walked upon the tee.

There was no flag to aim for and the green I couldn’t see

Don’t worry said the man in red, I know what lies ahead.

Use your trusty five iron and aim it for my sled.
I’d like to thank you for these clubs, I wasn’t sure that I would get.

He said your welcome son, but Christmas isn’t over yet

I kept my head nice and still checked my stance and grip.

“Nice shot” said the bearded one, it’s hanging on the lip.
It seems a shame, he must be blind, there’s no ball upon the green

And I was disappointed because I stuck it crisp and clean

And now you know my story and know one would believe.

How I made my first hole in one with Santa there to see.

SOURCE: Jeff Opperman

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The First Tee Broward Free Open House January 14th, 2017

Join us Saturday January 14th at 2:00pm at Hollywood Beach Golf Resort for an introductory look into what The First Tee has to offer the children in your life and community. Parents and PLAYers will meet the coaching staff and learn more about what The First Tee program has to offer while rotating through various golf stations.  Each session of the 9 week program will introduce a golf and life skill. Please contact Coach Bridget Ackley for more information.  Coach Bridget Ackley | bridget.ackley@gmail.com | (262) 853-1048

Click here to download flyer 

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The First Tee Program Starts Saturday January 21st



3:00 pm – 4:15 pm
Beginners/Intermediate players

$150 per 9-week program

New Program starts January 21st! 

Open house January 14th at 2:00pm

Please contact Coach Bridget Ackley, PGA for more information and to sign up at 262-853-1048 or bridget.ackley@gmail.com 


Once again…. ONLY at the Ryder Cup…… It’s Saturday afternoon, the skies are blue, the balls are rolling nicely and the shots are anything but ordinary!  Brooks Koepka hits his tee shot a little left, unfortunately toward the people at the ropes. One gentleman  turns to avoid being hit by the ball. The ball takes a hop and lands in the top of his backpack! SERIOUSLY! I’ve never seen THIS shot before….what do ya say to the guy…”Just keep your head down and TRUST Me! This won’t hurt!”   Talk about a Bad Lie!!!  Turns out the gentleman is his opponents Dad, Jaak Pieters.  

The Ryder Cup is known for incredible shots. Chip-ins, eagles, holes-in-one, monster putts, booming drives. We’ve seen it all over the years – but not quite like this one.

During the early stages of the Saturday afternoon fourballs tie of Rory McIlroy and Thomas Pieters versus Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, the match arrived on the driveable par four fifth, where something extraordinary unfolded.
Not only did Koepka’s tee shot land in a spectator’s backpack – that certain spectator only turned out to be no other than his opponent Pieters’ father Jaak, who was following his son around on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Hazeltine. 

“I was walking towards the green and my son had already hit his shot and was on the putting surface and then all of a sudden there were shouts that Brooks Koepka’s drive was coming my way,” Pieters’ father Jaak told us afterwards. “So I turned my back and the ball bounced once on the ground and onto the top of my backpack.

“They told me to just stay calm and stand still and don’t move so I just stood there and couldn’t do anything until they arrived at the green. So Brooks took the ball from my backpack and had to drop it right there. It was pretty crazy – and then to top it off, Thomas made his putt for eagle!”
Making his debut in the biennial clash in Minnesota, Pieters has two wins from as many matches so far and was on course for a third success midway through Saturday afternoon as the 24 year old bids to retain his 100 per cent record alongside former World Number One McIlroy.
His father is clearly a very proud man right now.
“I can’t tell you how proud I am, it’s hard to describe,” he continued. “It’s unbelievable. Walking around with him, hearing all the crowd shouting – good and bad! – but he is playing so well, it’s amazing to be here and to experience it all.”

SOURCE:  Will Pearson
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